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3.6.2 Placing restrictions on who can subscribe(*).

To set up lists with subscription moderation so that each -subscribe request must be approved by a moderator, use the ezmlm-make(1)-s’ switch or the DIR/modsub control file.

Lists set up with the ezmlm-make(1)-u’ switch or the DIR/subpostonly control file allow posts only from subscribers of the list or list-digest. Use of the ‘-m’ switch or the DIR/modpost control file makes all posts moderated (see below). A combination of these switches (‘-um’) has a special meaning: posts from subscribers go directly to the list, whereas posts from others are sent out for moderation. Also, messages that are ignored (neither accepted nor rejected) by the moderators, usually result in an informative error message to the sender after about 5 days. However, for ‘-um’ lists or lists with the DIR/noreturnposts control file, such posts are ignored. This gives the moderator the choice of accepting the message, rejecting it with the accompanying notification of the sender, and silently ignoring it (most appropriate for e.g. junkmail/spam).

Like normal subscribers, digest subscribers are allowed to post.