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1.5 Sending messages to an ezmlm mailing list.

To send messages to an ezmlm list, you must know its name. If the list is called ‘’, just send a message to ‘’. Any message accepted at this address is sent to all list subscribers.

Due to the efficiency of ezmlm, you usually get back the message you sent to the list within a few minutes. Of course, this is true only if you are a subscriber.

Most ezmlm lists require that you specify a ‘Subject’, a few words that give everyone an idea what your message is about. This is a good thing, since many subscribers automatically delete mailing list messages without subject. Conversely, a good subject causes those interested/able to help with your comment/problem to read the message. If you send a message without a subject, ezmlm will send it back to you with an error message.

ezmlm also rejects messages to the list if the subject is a single command word only, such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘help’. These are almost always misdirected commands from novice users. Instead of “flames” from many subscribers, the sender gets an informative error message. As you know, your should send mail to ‘’ to unsubscribe from the list ‘’ and a message to ‘’ to get help and command information.

The list owner may place additional restrictions on messages to the list. ezmlm allows rejection of messages that are not from subscribers(*), that are too long/short(*), or that contain certain MIME parts(*). If your message is not acceptable by these criteria, ezmlm will send your message back to you and tell you why it failed. You can then correct the problem and try again. You can also mail ‘’ to reach the list owner and ask for assistance. Replace ‘mailinglist’ and ‘’ with the real list “local” and “host” name, respectively. In all messages to the owner, please include a FORWARDED copy of the error/problem message (see below). Note: ezmlm lists handle almost everything themselves. Therefore, the list-owner may check the mail only infrequently. Use ezmlm if at all possible, and be patient when you wait for a reply from the owner.

In special cases, the list owner may set up the list to be message moderated(*). When you subscribe, you should be told if the list is moderated. Also, ezmlm adds a special ‘Delivered-To: moderator for ...’ header to the messages. On a message moderated list, your message, instead of going directly to the list, is sent to one or more moderators. They can accept or reject, but not modify the message. If the message is accepted, it is sent to the list unmodified. If it is rejected, it is sent back to you, optionally with an explanation from the moderator. On moderated lists it may take a little longer for the message to reach all the subscribers, since it has to be read and approved by at least one moderator before being sent out to the subscribers.

Message moderation is very useful for e.g. announcement lists, or lists where for other reasons not all posts are accepted. ezmlm does not reveal the moderators' identity to you. If you feel that you are treated unfairly by a moderator, please state your case to the list-owner.