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3.8 Allow remote administrators to list subscriber addresses(*).

Many old mailing list managers allow users to list the addresses of all subscribers. This used to be OK, but has lately become a means for junkmailers/spammers to acquire large collections of addresses. Consequently, ezmlm does not allow this. Still, it may be useful for the list owner to be able to get such a list to help a user unsubscribe or to remotely backup the subscriber list. ezmlm will supply such a list if the list was set up with the ezmlm-make(1)-r’ and ‘-l’ switches or the DIR/remote and DIR/modcanlist control files, and the recipient of the list is a “remote administrator” (see Remote Administration). The command is -list. Thus, for the digest of ‘’ a message to ‘’ would return the list of subscribers, but only if the sender is a remote administrator and the -list function is enabled.

The remote administrator right apply to all address databases of the list (subscribers of list and list-digest, “allow” and “deny”), except the moderator addresses. Moderators' addresses cannot be accessed remotely.

3.9 Allow remote administrators to access the subscription log(*).

The subscription log is stored in DIR/Log. An entry is made for each modification made to the subscriber database. For subscription by E-mail, the subscribers ‘From:’ line is logged. In contrast to the subscriber database, the log is not written in a crash-proof manner. Thus, information might be lost if the system crashes while the log is being updated.

Remote administrators can list this log with the -log command or search it for specific entries with the command, where ‘xxx’ are letters or numbers to be matched exactly, or an underscore (‘_’) to match any character. Since the information is highly overlapping with the subscriber list, it is enabled by the same commands, i.e. the ezmlm-make ‘-l’ switch or the DIR/modcanlist control file. In addition, it requires remote administration to be enabled (‘-r’ or DIR/remote). See Remote Listing.