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2.3 Remote administration(*).

A remote administrator is an address that can add/remove addresses from the subscriber list. To subscribe ‘’ to the list ‘’, send mail to ‘’. Normally, ‘’ will be asked to confirm. However, if you are a remote administrator, you will receive the confirmation request. Thus, ‘’ does not need to participate. When you've successfully added the address, ‘’ will receive a message acknowledging his subscription.

You can unsubscribe addresses (-unsubscribe) or determine if an address is a subscriber (-query). If the owner has chosen to enable these functions, you may also -list subscriber addresses list and/or -edit text files, such as the one sent in reply to the -help command (see Editing Messages). You can also search the subscription log with e.g. the user's name (see Remote Listing). You can use all these functions to help users subscribe or unsubscribe to the list. See Helping Users Unsubscribe.