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4.1 More about ezmlm and ezmlm-idx.

ezmlm is a mailing list manager written by Dan J. Bernstein. ezmlm-idx is an extension to ezmlm written by Frederik P. Lindberg and continued by Bruce Guenter. ezmlm has the essential features of a mailing list manager. ezmlm-idx adds useful, but non-essential features like digests, list moderation, etc. The list owner will have made the trade off of features vs. increased size and complexity. To test if your list has ezmlm-idx installed, send a message to ‘list-get@host’ where ‘list@host’ is the name of the list. A list with ezmlm alone will send you a help message saying that your message wasn't sent to one of its command addresses. A list with ezmlm-idx will return one or more messages from the archive, or a message telling you that the list is not archived. Throughout this manual, features available only with ezmlm-idx are marked with “(*)”.

For more technical information about ezmlm, it's options, and error resolution, please read the FAQ and the ezmlm man pages at / . A text version of the FAQ is included in the ezmlm-idx distribution. The latest FAQ in various formats can be found at /archive/ or one of its mirrors. The FAQ also contains information on where to obtain ezmlm, where to find mailing lists about ezmlm, etc. While it is called a “FAQ”, the document will with time become the ezmlm/idx technical manual. The man pages are always installed with ezmlm. To read the man page for ezmlm, do:

     % man ezmlm

To read the man page for ezmlm-make, do:

     % man ezmlm-make

Also, take a look at Dan J. Bernstein's pages on ezmlm and other programs he has written, and the qmail home page.