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4.2 More about this document.

This document is updated for ezmlm-0.53 and ezmlm-idx-7.0.0. It is available online at /manual/.

This document comes with absolutely no warranties. If there are errors or omissions in this manual, please send corrections/comments to the author. The manual is intended to be complete for users and moderators/administrators. For list owners, it is intended more as a summary and introduction to the FAQ.

4.2.1 Copyright and translations.

I reserve the right to sell a printed version of this document in the original English, or in any other language. You may distribute it in any other way, even for money, and of course you may give away a printed version.

If you make modifications, you must retain the original copyright notice and identify clearly the sections you've modified. I'd prefer if you notified me of errors/omissions so that I can improve this document myself.

If you translate this document, you own the translation. You may distribute your translation in any way, including printed and for sale. However, I reserve the right to make and distribute an independent translation.

These restrictions are intended to encourage translation, while making it possible to use this text in e.g. a printed book for sale, and publish such a book in any language. The remainder of this notice is intended to make it as easy as possible to disseminate this document in the wonderful world of free software.