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3.6.1 Placing restrictions on messages to the list.

By default, ezmlm rejects all messages that have an empty subject or a subject consisting of a command name (such as subscribe) only. The lists will also reject messages that do not have the list address in the ‘To:’ or ‘Cc:’ header(*). This removes the majority of spam without affecting normal posts. In addition, lists may be configured to reject messages below or above a certain size(*), measured on the message body. ezmlm can also reject messages containing certain MIME content types(*). It may make sense to reject messages consisting only of ‘text/rtf’ on lists with users on multiple platforms, many of which would be unable to read the message. Similarly, restricting the maximal size of messages to e.g. 20000 bytes may save inexperienced users from quoting entire digests or sending large programs or such as an attachment. All these restrictions are handled by ezmlm-reject(1) in the DIR/editor file in the list directory (see More Information).