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2.2 Message moderation(*).

ezmlm lists may be set up with message moderation. When ezmlm receives a message for the list, it saves it, sends a moderation request with the message enclosed to the moderator(s). The subject of moderation request is ‘MODERATE for ...’.

If you would like to approve the message, just reply to the ‘Reply-To:’ address of the moderation request. Usually, this is the default for the “reply” function of your mail program. Alternatively, click on the “accept” address or copy and paste it into the ‘To:’ field of a new message.

To reject the message, reply to the ‘From:’ address, click on the “reject” address, or copy and paste the “reject” address into the ‘To:’ field of a new message. You can also just replace the text “accept” in the accept address with “reject”. Optionally, type a comment between two lines starting with ‘%%%’. The sender of the message will receive a message from ezmlm explaining that the message was rejected. If you typed a comment, it will be put into the rejection notice.

The third alternative is to ignore the request. If no moderator has replied within 5 days, the message is returned to the sender with an explanation. The owner can also set up the list so that ignored posts are silently removed, which may be more suitable for some lists.

To minimize mail to busy moderators, ezmlm does not confirm moderator actions. More than one moderator may reply. The message will not be duplicated. The first valid reply that is received will decide the fate of the message. ezmlm will send an error message only if a later reply requests an action different from the one already taken. Thus, if you decide to accept the message, but another moderator has already rejected it, ezmlm will notify you. If instead the message had been previously accepted, ezmlm would log your request, but it will not send you a notification.

If a message is sent by a moderator, it is sent for approval to that moderator only. The approval is necessary since anyone can claim to be a moderator, but only the moderator will be able to receive the moderation request. This feature is very useful for announcement lists where any moderator can make an announcement without bothering the others, while at the same time non-moderators cannot post without permission.