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3.13 Helping subscribers post and access the archive on subscriber-only lists(*).

Subscriber-only lists allow posts and archive access only to subscribers of the main list or the digest list. If a subscriber's posts or archive access attempts are rejected, the subscriber is working with a sender address that is not the one s/he is subscribed under. Usually, the user's sender address will be in the E-mail to you. ezmlm-idx keeps a database of “allow” addresses which are treated like subscribers for the purpose of subscriber-only restrictions, but are not sent posts. To add an address, send mail to ‘listname-allow-subscribe-user=userhost@listhost’. If you're a remote administrator the confirmation request will come to you, otherwise to ‘user@userhost’. Replying to the request will add the address. The user should now be able to post and access the archive. To remove an address, user the same procedure, but with the -unsubscribe command. Users can manipulate the database themselves, but this may be too complicated for all but advanced users.

If you set up the list with ezmlm-make ‘-umr’ or all of the DIR/subpostonly, DIR/modpost, and DIR/remote control files, messages from addresses that are not subscribers will be sent for moderation. This allows you to ignore junk mail and approve other posts, as well as add the address to the “allow” address database, all without the subscriber noticing (see Restricting Usage).