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6.1 Global ezmlm commands (majordomo, listserv, listproc).

These mailing list managers use a central address. The command is in the message body. The ezmlm-request(1) (*) program can be configured to answer request at a standard address of a computer. Usually, ‘listserv@host’ or ‘majordomo@host’ will be used. Here, ezmlm-request understands most basic commands of other mailing list managers, as long as the functionality is relevant to ezmlm.

ezmlm will interpret the first line of the message body as a command (to emulate other mailing list managers). You need to send one message per command. The command lists will give you a list of available mailing lists with a short description. The command which will tell you which lists you are subscribed to. This will work only for list configured by the system administrator. Naturally, you can use the “ezmlm way” to put the commands into the address with a message to e.g. ‘listserv-lists@host’.

You can send basic commands for most mailing list managers to this address. ezmlm will translate them into command messages to the individual lists. If only the local name of the list is specified, ezmlm will find the host part in its configured list. For instance subscribe fishing will subscribe you to the ‘’ list, assuming that that list was in the reply to the lists command.

Please see the ezmlm FAQ and ezmlm-request(1) and ezmlmglrc(5) man pages for more information on how to set up and use this interface.