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5.3 Command extensions for ezmlm address databases(*)

ezmlm commands that manipulate address collections can be used on addresses other than the list subscribers. To apply a command to another collection, send mail to ‘’ or ‘’.

(none)’ affects subscribers of the main list.
Affects subscribers of the digest list.
Affects addresses that are allowed to post or retrieve messages from the archive without necessarily being subscribers. By default, anyone may post to the list or retrieve archived messages, so this address database is without effect. It is very useful when posts and access is allowed to subscribers only, since some users may send from addresses other than their subscriber addresses.
These addresses are prevented from posting. Accessible only to remote administrators an only if configured (by default, this address list is not used). It is usually used to decrease the impact or errant mail robots rather than to attempt to prevent certain addresses from posting. These addresses never affect archive access.