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3.7.1 Adding a trailer to each message(*).

You can add small “trailer” to each message. This usually would contain information on how to unsubscribe from the list, or where the list html archive is kept. To add a trailer, simply put the text in the file DIR/text/trailer in the list directory. You can use the ezmlm-make(1)-t’ switch or the DIR/addtrailer control file to set up the list with a simple default trailer that gives “unsubscribe” instructions. ezmlm will substitute the tags <#h#>, <#l#>, and <#n#> with the list host name, local name, and the current message number, respectively. The current message number for digests is the number of the first message in the digest. You can use this to e.g. add a line ‘to get this thread, mail <#l#>-thread<#>@<#h#>’. This will always point to the archive of the current list with the current message number, and thus retrieve the thread containing the current message.