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2.4 Adding subscriber aliases(*).

ezmlm lists may be set up to only allow subscribers to send messages to the list. This is less secure than moderation, but still keeps most “garbage” off the list. Occasionally, a user may wish to send messages from an address other than the subscription address. As a remote administrator, you can add the user's alias to a special “allow” database. To add ‘’ as an alias to the ‘’, send mail to ‘’. -unsubscribe and other commands work the same way. The messages ezmlm sends talk about the ‘’ mailing list, but of course you know that this is just a figure of speech.

On lists that do not have subscription moderation, users can add themselves to the “allow” database in the same way. This is documented only briefly in the USER'S manual.

Archive access may also be restricted to subscribers. Like subscribers of the list or the digest list, addresses in the “allow” database are allowed to access the archive.