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1.6 Where can I get all of the ezmlm-related programs?

We have registered to make access to ezmlm-idx and related programs/documentation easier.

Dan J. Bernstein's ezmlm-0.53

The latest version of ezmlm-idx
ezmlm-idx releases are numbered ‘ezmlm-idx-0.xy[z]’ or ‘ezmlm-idx-x.y.z’. Versions with the same ‘x’ are backwards compatible. A change in ‘x’ signifies major changes, some of which may require list changes (see UPGRADE). However, backwards compatibility with ezmlm-0.53 list will be maintained. Thus, this is an issue only if you are already using an older version of ezmlm-idx.

Addition of ‘z’ are bug fixes only. Thus, ‘ezmlm-idx-5.0.2’ is ‘ezmlm-idx-5.0.0’ with known bugs fixed (but no other significant changes). When available, patches are named filename-x.y.z.diff, where ‘x.y.z’ corresponds to the release to which they apply. When a number of bugs (or a significant bug) are found a bug-fix release is made incorporating all the patches for the previous version.

To get the latest features, look for the highest number (‘e.g. ezmlm-idx-5.0.2’). Any bugs in versions with new features are expected to be limited to the new features.

To get the most solid version, get the highest 3-digit number, i.e. a bug fix. If you already run a version in that series and a new bug fix is released, see CHANGES to determine if it is worthwhile to upgrade. Most bugs so far have been relevant only when using lists in very unusual ways or with rarely used options.

All recent versions of ezmlm-idx also include pre-compiled RPMs.

ezmlmrc(5) files for different languages
The latest versions at the time of release of a package are included in that package. Thus, this directory will have a file labeled with the current ezmlm-idx version number only if it has been updated later than the package. ezmlmrc(5) files are updated and new ones are added all the time, also with bug fix releases. Therefore, always look at the latest package. Please note that ezmlmrc may change significantly between versions. Thus, do not expect the ezmlm-idx-0.324 to work with ezmlm-idx-0.40.

ezmlmrc(5) files contain some release-specific configurations. Do not use a later file (other than from bug fix releases) with an earlier version of the programs. It is usually OK to use a version from an earlier package (see UPGRADE), but some new functionality may nor be available.

To contribute a new language, make a copy of the lang/en_US directory from the latest package, edit the files, and send the resulting files to Please leave comments intact and in English and do not change the order of items in the file. This will facilitate maintenance.

Existing translations can be found at /lang.

Use ezmlm-issub only if you do not use ezmlm-idx. The same functionality is available in ezmlm-idx and the packages are not compatible.