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1.2 What is this document?

This FAQ contains answers to many questions that arise while installing ezmlm, ezmlm-idx, and while setting up and managing ezmlm mailing lists. See What is the difference between ezmlm and ezmlm-idx? for a brief summary of what is ezmlm and what is ezmlm-idx.

Many aspects of ezmlm are covered in several places in this FAQ. The early sections explain how ezmlm works. Later sections discuss how to deal with possible errors/problems. Subsequent sections discuss details of customization and list setup in a HOWTO form. Finally, there are sections on information philosophy for moderated lists and on security aspects on ezmlm lists.

This is an evolving document. If you find any errors, or wish to comment, please do so to the authors. This FAQ is currently aimed at system administrators and knowledgeable users, and heavily weighted towards questions specific to the ezmlm-idx add-on.

If you have problems with the ezmlm-idx package, please start by reading the “man” pages which come with each program, then this document and other ezmlm documentation which is identified here. If you have exhausted these resources, try the ezmlm and qmail mailing lists and their respective mailing list archives. If you have solved a problem not in the documentation, write it up as a proposed section of a FAQ and send it to the authors. This way, it can be added to the next version of this FAQ.