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1.4 What is the difference between ezmlm and ezmlm-idx?

ezmlm-0.53 is a qmail-based mailing list manager written by Dan J. Bernstein. It has all the basic functionality of a mailing list manager, such as subscriber address management including automated bounce handling as well as message distribution and archiving.

ezmlm-idx is an add-on to ezmlm. It adds multi-message threaded message retrieval from the archive, digests, message and subscription moderation, and a number of remote administration function. It modifies the configuration program ezmlm-make(1) so that it uses a text file template rather than compiled-in texts in list creation. In this manner, ezmlm-idx allows easy setup of lists in different languages and customization of default list setup. ezmlm-idx also adds MIME handling, and other support to streamline use with languages other than English. As an ezmlm add-on, ezmlm-idx does not work without ezmlm and tries to be compatible with ezmlm as much as possible. ezmlm-idx also modifies the ezmlm subscriber database to be case insensitive to avoid many unsubscribe problems.

New in ezmlm-idx-0.40 are better support for announcement lists, support for QMQP to offload message distribution onto external hosts, simplified optional SQL database use (MySQL or PostgreSQL), more flexibility in determining which messages should be moderated, a WWW interface to the list archives, and many small improvements.

ezmlm-idx-0.32 adds improved handling of very large lists with optimized bounce handling, ezmlm-split(1) for forwarding (un)subscribe requests to sublists to allow sublisting transparent to the subscriber, and SQL support to allow sublisting with improved message authentication and monitoring of list function, as well as dynamic addition/removal/reconfiguration of sublists. Also, subscriber ‘From:’ lines are logged with support for finding a subscription address from a name. The qmail DEFAULT variable is used, if present. Together, these additions eliminate the most common problems making ezmlm use and administration even easier.

This document is a FAQ for ezmlm-idx. However, many of the basic items that are discussed also apply to ezmlm per se. Referring to the two paragraphs above, it should be relatively easy to figure out which features require ezmlm-idx.