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4.8 The ezmlm path for administrative messages

Administrative requests for both list and digest lists are captured by ~/.qmail-listname-default linked to DIR/manager. Here they are delivered first to ezmlm-get(1) which processed archive retrieval requests, exiting 99 after successful completion which causes the rest of the delivery lines to be ignored. If the request is not for ezmlm-get(1) it rapidly exits 0. This leads to invocation of ezmlm-manage(1) which handles subscriber database functions, help messages, and (if configured) editing of DIR/text/ files. Again, ezmlm-warn(1) lines are included for bounce directory processing.

If configured, an ezmlm-request(1) line is present. This program constructs valid ezmlm requests from command in the subject lines of messages sent to ‘listname-request@host’ and exits 99. These requests are mailed and will then return to be processed by one of the other programs.