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4.11 Structure of subscriber databases

ezmlm subscriber email addresses are stored within DIR/subscribers/ as a hashed set of 53 files. The hash calculated from the address determines which of the 53 files and address is stored in. Thus, to find out if an address is a subscriber, ezmlm has to read at most about 2% of the email addresses. The hash function insures that email addresses are reasonably evenly distributed among the 53 files.

Addresses in the files in DIR/subscribers/ are stored as strings starting with ‘T’, followed by the address, followed by a zero byte. This is the same format as taken by qmail-queue(8) on file descriptor 1. Thus, subscriber lists can be directly copied to qmail without any further processing.

With ezmlm-idx>=0.32 you can use an SQL server for the subscriber databases. Please see the SQL section (ezmlm support for SQL databases).