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4.39 How the global ezmlm list address works

Sometimes, it is desirable to have a host- or user-wide address that can list available mailing lists.

ezmlm-request(1) can be used to set up a global address, such as ‘ezmlm@host’ which allows the user to see and interact with a number of different mailing lists. This is especially useful when your users are used to other mailing list managers, such as majordomo or listproc. ezmlm-request(1) is set up to answer requests to the address (see How the global ezmlm list address works). There, it interprets the first line of the message body as a command. It will reply directly to ‘lists’ and ‘which’ commands. All other commands will be used to construct messages to the respective lists. Where other mailing list managers use synonyms of ezmlm commands, ezmlm-request(1) recognizes these and translates them to the corresponding ezmlm commands. ezmlm-request(1) will build commands also of unrecognized commands. Thus, if you create new commands for a list, ezmlm-request(1) will automatically support them.

If the user does not specify the complete list address, ezmlm-request(1) will attempt to complete the name. See the ezmlm-reject(1) man page for more info.