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4.34 How remote administrators can search the subscription log

The same conditions that enable remote administrators to retrieve a subscriber list (see How remote administrators can retrieve a subscriber list) also enable the remote admin to retrieve the subscription log, i.e. the log of changes made to the subscriber list. The command is ‘list-log@host’. The entries are of the form ‘date timestamp dir event address comment’. ‘dir’ is ‘+’ for addition of an address, ‘-’ for removal, ‘event’ is empty for normal (un)subscribe ‘manual’ for changes made with ezmlm-(un)sub, and ‘probe’ for removals via bounce handling. ‘address’ is the subscription address, and ‘comment’ is empty or the subscribers ‘From:’ line. The log can be used to look at recent additions/removals and to try to track down a subscriber address from e.g. the name on the ‘From:’ line. The log is written on a best-effort basis. In contrast to the subscriber database, entries in the log may be lost at a system crash.

The remote administrator can do a case-insensitive search through the log with the command ‘’, where ‘xxx’ is any sequence of letters/numbers that must occur on a line in order for that line to be included in the reply. A ‘_’ is a wild card and should be used for special characters as well. Thus, to search for any entry with a host name of ‘host*’ mail ‘list-log._host’ and to find entries for ‘Keith John...’ etc, use ‘list-log.keith_john’.

For SQL-enabled lists, this command searches the ‘list_slog’ table.