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4.31 How remote administrators can retrieve a subscriber list

A user with shell access can always manipulate subscriber lists with ezmlm-sub(1), ezmlm-unsub(1), and ezmlm-list(1) for the lists s/he owns.

Sometimes a remote administrator requires a list of subscriber email addresses. At the same time, the list should be kept out of the hands of spammers and all unauthorized entities. By default, ezmlm does not allow remote subscriber list retrieval. You can enable the -list command for remote retrieval of a subscriber list by using the ezmlm-make(1) -l switch or by adding the -l switch to the ezmlm-manage(1) line in DIR/manager. With this switch, ezmlm will permit retrieval of a subscriber list, but only to remote administrators. Subscribers cannot get the list membership, and any outsider would have to be able to read a remote administrator's mail to get the list. Note: This option is not functional unless the list is configured for remote administration, i.e. the ezmlm-make(1) -rl switches need to both be used.

The list returned is unsorted for efficiency reasons. You can easily sort it or use your mail reader to find a specific entry. The number of subscribers is shown at the bottom of the list. To get the number of subscribers from the command line, use:

     % ezmlm-list DIR | wc -l