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4.24 How WWW archive access works

If the list is set up with ezmlm-make -i, ezmlm-archive(1) will be invoked from DIR/editor. This program creates indices for threads, subjects, and authors under DIR/archive from the index files. ezmlm-cgi(1) is set up per user or globally (see man page) and told about different lists via the /etc/ezmlm/ezcgirc file. ezmlm-cgi(1) presents and used the index created by ezmlm-archive(1) and converts these and the messages to html on-the-fly. To be as efficient as possible, ezmlm-cgi(1) outputs only basic html. However, style sheets are supported and can be used to customize formatting without modification of ezmlm-cgi(1). Extra buttons can be added via the config file. See man page for details.